Firefly Art

I specialise in all manner of artwork, in various media and sizes, commissioned by members of the public to celebrate their pets, homes or just create original artwork that people cannot obtain anywhere else. Below is a small example of my Firefly Art commissions. See my Illustration Portfolio for an idea of other illustration media I use.

As these are purely ‘one-off’, original, commissioned pieces, they are priced dependent on media, subject matter and size, so please contact me if you have a project in mind. Please note: all artwork is protected under the copyright of ©Carl Waine/Firefly Design Services.*

1. NEW! Pet Portaits in Watercolour
As a pet owner myself, I understand the importance of pets and how much they mean to us, but also know how family budgets can be restricted at certain times.

With this in mind, I have now launched a new range of contemporary, watercolour pet portraits that are accessible to all. Using watercolour enables me to use a much more free and loose style but still enables me to capture the character of your favourite pet.

Starting at just £89 (a single portrait) you will receive original artwork, signed by myself with a certificate of authenticity. Please note: to keep costs low, these are supplied unframed.

Basset  Black Labrador  pug commission   French bulldog Rescue cat watercolour

2. NEW! Fine Art Prints
Again using a contemporary, watercolour technique, I am creating a range of prints that I am releasing under a limited run of 150 per image.

These will be produced on fine art paper, using pigmented inks, have a guaranteed lifespan of at least 75 years, personally signed by myself and have a certificate of authenticity. Starting at £29 per print, I am really excited to be launch this range! They will be also supplied unframed – to keep shipping costs down –  and enable the customer to choose frames to match their decor etc.

European Hare   Flamingo

blue tit bird   pig watercolour

3. Premium Range: Pet Portaits – Coloured Pencil
This range takes considerably longer to produce and usually uses a combination of different artists’ coloured pencils as I feel that they help give vibrancy and life to the animal and help portray its character. The use of this media is very unusual – and can be extremely unforgiving – but it is essential to give the effect I want and clients appreciate.

These are supplied framed and start at £195.




Custom artwork: what would you like?
If there is any subject you would and like to commission, for example flowers, your home, a favourite car etc., please contact me for further details.

Please note: all artwork is produced by myself, professional artist Carl Waine, and each original piece is signed by me. They are produced to extremely high standards, take many hours to produce and are not to be confused with other ‘nameless’, lower quality pictures or prints.

Terms and Conditions of Carl Waine/Firefly Design Services’ Commissioned Artwork, Pet Portraits etc:
All artwork remains the copyright of ©Carl Waine/Firefly Design Services unless expressed otherwise in writing by the artist. ©Carl Waine/Firefly Design Services reserve the right to reproduce a limited run of commissioned artwork from client’s commissions but does not permit any other party, including the owner of the artwork (client), to reproduce the artwork unless written permission is given beforehand by ©Carl Waine/Firefly Design Services. All of the artwork commissioned is to be for personal use only and not to be resold or used in any commercial manner whatsoever unless otherwise expressed in writing by ©Carl Waine/Firefly Design Services.

By commissioning artwork with Firefly Design Services, you consent  for us to use the finished artwork as promotional material via social media, websites etc. unless expressly asked not to do so by the client. If used in this way, we will not include any personal, client data unless permission is granted by the client.

All images shown are ©Carl Waine/Firefly Design Services.