Illustration portfolio

Firefly Design Services can create illustrations in various media and in many different styles. Whether you’re looking for book images, magazine illustrations or a personal commission, I supply on time and at a competitive rate. 

My illustrations have appeared in everything from dental journals to angling books. I know what it takes to produce top quality, print-ready artwork to tight deadlines and get everything delivered on time and at a competitive rate.

Below are a few examples of my extensive portfolio, but please contact me if you are unsure whether I can fulfil your brief  – I have extensive experience and have dealt with many difficult projects. Please also see my Design Portfolio page for examples of some of my design products, and my Firefly Art page for personal commissions.

1. Book illustration characters – The examples below were taken from a recent collaborative project with SpareParts and Minerva Arts and were used in a booklet to celebrate the Sandbach Transport Festival. They are created using an initial rough pencil sketches, refined drawings and finally created digitally:

These examples are for a forthcoming children’s book. They are also created using an initial rough pencil sketch and then worked up digitally:

2. Digitally created advertising images – by working closely with the client, I created this retro, ‘space-invaders’ inspired postcard flyer. As subjects like this can easily break copyright/ownership restrictions, I created the graphics completely from scratch, creating fonts and images in Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop to give a photo-realistic look, while keeping to a tight budget:

Neon Freight Postcard/Flyer 2018

3. Cartoon characters – This project is helping support a series of animations for a local company. These are vector illustrations and so can be reproduced on an emailer or as a large poster with no loss in quality:

4. Watercolour illustrations – Atlantic Salmon (anatomically accurate, correct scale count etc.):

Salmon pic in watercolour   

5. Computer-rendered infographic showing the rainbow trout in its natural environment:


6. Coloured pencil illustration depicting old fly fishing tackle on a sepia paper background (available for sale and under various release rights):


7. Computer, airbrush and watercolour illustration:


8. Coloured pencil on a red Canford Paper background (available for sale and under various release rights):


9. Pencil drawing of a tibia and fibula (available for sale and under various release rights):


10. Cartoon style ink and watercolour wash image of old automobilia (available for sale and under various release rights):


11. Ink/computer rendered step-by-step (SBS) illustrations. This is just one example of many we can supply across several disciplines including medical, engineering, hobby, craft etc.:


12. Vector images created in Adobe Illustrator:



This is just a small sample of the illustration styles and media we use. Please contact us for more details and an idea of pricing for your project:

Phone: Carl Waine on 07870 566890 or

All images © / ©Carl Waine unless stated otherwise and may not be used in any way without written permission of the copyright holder.