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Welcome to the new Firefly Design Services Blog section. Here, we hope to help you with most of the common questions surrounding graphic design, print and illustration. Over the coming weeks, we’ll be creating a guide for designers and DIYers alike that outlines the importance of good design and a professional approach to print and artwork creation.

We will also be showcasing the latest illustration work we’ve produced and exciting projects we’re working on, together with some step-by-step tutorials that will help aspiring artists and designers progress in their chosen field.

Click on the drop down menu (above) for a list of our topics, but please be patient as we want to strive for quality rather than quantity. We’ll give you original, helpful content in manageable ‘chunks’ of information rather than bombard you with unnecessary, irrelevant content.

Check in with us regularly for the latest updates, or subscribe to receive the latest updates by emailing: fireflydesignservice@gmail.com

Feel free to email us with your questions and anything you’d like us to use as future topics.

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